About Us

Welcome to BloodlineHeroesofLithas.com This is the first-ever – and absolute best – Bloodline : Heroes of Lithas Fan Made website. We Mainly Play Bloodline on Android. We are not Playing RPG Game for the first time, we already played many RPG games over the years like Raid Shadow Legends.

Seize the opportunity to lead your kingdom, battle against formidable foes, and nurture heirs from your trusted companions in the thrilling mobile RPG, Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas.

At the moment ( January 2024 ) of starting this blog, I am just several days into the game, with a little experience in this game, but I think that this is the best time to actually launch a blog: this way, we can learn together and it will be easier for us to share the Best Teams and game strategy. I am sure it will be fun and we’ll have a lot to learn