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Female Bjornkriger :: Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

Best Female Bjornkriger guide for latest patch in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas. With our Female Bjornkriger guide, you will learn the best team combo, traits, and when to use Female Bjornkriger in your team. Learn tips and tricks on how to play Female Bjornkriger and counter your enemies.
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Female Bjornkriger Skills

Chilling Aura bloodline skill Icon

Chilling Aura


Constantly emits chill in combat. Enemies imbued by chill will have their Fortitude reduced by 100%, of which 100% will convert into Champion’s Fortitude. If there are multiple enemies nearby, the Fortitude gains can stack. When an enemy leaves the chill range, the effect expires immediately.

Tundra Smite bloodline skill Icon

Tundra Smite


Pulls a random enemy outside the chill range to the caster and slashes all enemies in front, dealing DMG equal to 480% of the caster’s Strength, reducing their DMG dealt by 25% for 4 secs. If no enemy is outside the chill range, the caster will slash forward immediately.

Bjornekriger's Ice Storm bloodline skill Icon

Bjornekriger's Ice Storm


Swings the poleaxe in place to continuously attack nearby enemies, dealing DMG and interrupting the enemies’ action once per 0.5 secs, and total DMG equal to 900% of the caster’s Strength over 3 secs. Reduces the enemies’ Constitution Recovery by 40% for 1 sec each time DMG is dealt.

Female Bjornkriger Traits

Here are our Recommended traits on Female Bjornkriger