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Female Seun :: Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

Best Female Seun guide for latest patch in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas. With our Female Seun guide, you will learn the best team combo, traits, and when to use Female Seun in your team. Learn tips and tricks on how to play Female Seun and counter your enemies.
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Female Seun Skills

Spirit Away bloodline skill Icon

Spirit Away


When the Champion’s Constitution islower than 80%/50%/20% for the firsttime in combat, the Champion slips intothe void for 5 seconds and creates a decoythat lasts 15 seconds. The decoy inheritsall base stats of the Champion and cancast skills. While in the void, theChampion becomes Invincible, gains 80Energy per second, but is unable to moveor take actions. After 5 seconds, theChampion launches a sudden strike fromthe void against the weakest enemy,dealing damage equal to 80% of theChampion’s Strength.

Shadow Pin bloodline skill Icon

Shadow Pin


Inflict Immobilized on the target for 4second(s). When the Immobilized effectexpires, deals additional damage to thetarget equal to 60% of the total damagereceived during the effect period. Whencast repeatedly upon the same target, theImmobilized effect duration won’t stack,but the bonus damage effect can stack.

Pious Manifestation bloodline skill Icon

Pious Manifestation


Creates 2 decoys that last 15 seconds. Thedecoys inherit all base stats of theChampion and can cast skills. Afterward,the decoys charge at random enemytargets, dealing damage equal to 750% ofthe caster’s Strength, and increasing thetargets’ damage taken by 35% for 4seconds. This effect can stack.

Female Seun Traits

Here are our Recommended traits on Female Seun