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Best Male Acuna guide for latest patch in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas. With our Male Acuna guide, you will learn the best team combo, traits, and when to use Male Acuna in your team. Learn tips and tricks on how to play Male Acuna and counter your enemies.
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Male Acuna Skills

Acuna's Polar Blessing bloodline skill Icon

Acuna's Polar Blessing


Once per 9 secs, casts Icy Ward upon the weakest allied Champion (including the caster themselves) for 3 secs, reducing the protected ally’s DMG taken from Ultimate Attack by 35%, and recovering Constitution by 5% of their Max Constitution per sec. Icy Ward cannot be removed. If it is cast when the caster is in Ice Phoenix form, they recover a total of 150 Energy.

Frosty Cage bloodline skill Icon

Frosty Cage


Creates an ice zone in the current enemy target’s direction, lasting for 5 secs. Enemies within the zone take DMG equal to 150% of the caster’s Strength per sec, with the Healing effect they receive reduced by 60%. If the enemy stays within the zone for more than 3 secs, they will be frozen for 2 secs, ignoring Controlled Immunity. Allies within the zone recover Constitution by 150% of the caster’s Strength. If the zone is created while the Caster is in Ice Phoenix form, allies’ chance to take Critical Hits reduces by 30%.

Arctic Domain bloodline skill Icon

Arctic Domain


Transforms into an Ice Phoenix, dealing DMG to all enemies equal to 650% of the caster’s Strength, inflicting Arctic Domain upon the entire battlefield for 7 secs. During this period, enemies will be frozen for 2 secs when they cast an Active Skill. There is also a 15% chance for them to be frozen when they use Normal Attacks. The freezing effect ignores Controlled Immunity.

Male Acuna Traits

Here are our Recommended traits on Male Acuna