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Male Bjornkriger :: Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

Best Male Bjornkriger guide for latest patch in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas. With our Male Bjornkriger guide, you will learn the best team combo, traits, and when to use Male Bjornkriger in your team. Learn tips and tricks on how to play Male Bjornkriger and counter your enemies.
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Male Bjornkriger Skills

Freezing Aura bloodline skill Icon

Freezing Aura


A Frozen Zone forms on the battlefield, inflicting enemies in it with 1 layer of shiver per sec. At 6 later, the enemy will be frozen for 3 sec, and their DMG taken increasing by 40%. Whenever the affected enemy cast an Ultimate, all Shiver layers will be removed. Leaving the frozen Zone for 3 secs also removed the Shiver effect.

Tundra Tremor bloodline skill Icon

Tundra Tremor


Charge up and Strikes forward, dealing DMG equal to 520% of the caster’s strength, launching the target airborne, while leaving a Frozen Zone behind for 6 secs.

Bjornekriger's Shattered Glacier bloodline skill Icon

Bjornekriger's Shattered Glacier


Swings the greatsword, dealing DMG to all enemies in a fan-shaped area in front equal to 300% of the caster’s strength knocking them back. The caster then leaps forward, dealing DMG to all enemies within a large are equal to 400% of the caster’s strength, enhancing the Frozen zone for 8 secs. When enemies in the Frozen suffer from immobilising control effects, the duration is increased by 60%.

Male Bjornkriger Traits

Here are our Recommended traits on Male Bjornkriger