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Best Male Seun guide for latest patch in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas. With our Male Seun guide, you will learn the best team combo, traits, and when to use Male Seun in your team. Learn tips and tricks on how to play Male Seun and counter your enemies.
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Male Seun Skills

Haughty Sage bloodline skill Icon

Haughty Sage


Normal Attacks have a 80% chance to dealdouble damage and ignore the enemy’sFortitude. For every 3 Normal Attacksmade, the Champion gains 60% Lifesteal,and the Strength is increased by 25% overthe next 6 seconds.

Vajra Cudgel bloodline skill Icon

Vajra Cudgel


Slams the ground with the colossus cudgel,inflicting Stunned to enemies in thestraight path and dealing damage equal to500% of the caster’s Strength plusadditional damage equal to 10% of the enemy’s Max Constitution, up to 1,500% ofthe caster’s Strength. Afterward, instantlymoves behind the weakest enemy Champion.

Dharma's Reign bloodline skill Icon

Dharma's Reign


Summons a Dharma’s Image that descendsupon the enemy and attacks all enemytargets within a certain radius. Dharma’sImage lasts 9 second(s). During this period,whenever the Champion suffers a Controleffect, it will be nullified, and the Dharma’sImage immediately launches an attackforward. The Control Immunity has acooldown of 1.5 seconds. The Dharma’sImage cannot be attacked. While theDharma’s Image is present, the Champion’sAttack Speed is increased by 35%. Eachattack of the Dharma’s Image dealsdamage equal to 6009% of the caster’sStrength plus additional damage equal to18% of the target’s Max Constitution to allenemy targets within range, up to 2,000%of the caster’s Strength.

Male Seun Traits

Here are our Recommended traits on Male Seun

Male Seun Gameplay Guide

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