Understanding Champion Stats

In the game Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, each character has different abilities that affect how battles unfold. Some important things to know about are how tough they are (Constitution) and how much damage they can do with regular attacks (Strength). But there are many other factors that can change how well your team does. These abilities can be changed by champion special moves called Skill Attacks. For example, the Ultimate Skill of Male Acuna says

“Transforms into an Ice Phoenix, dealing DMG to all enemies equal to 650% of the caster’s Strength, inflicting Arctic Domain upon the entire battlefield for 7 secs. During this period, enemies will be frozen for 2 secs when they cast an Active Skill. There is also a 15% chance for them to be frozen when they use Normal Attacks. The freezing effect ignores Controlled Immunity.”

So Understanding these basic abilities is really important because these skills depend on them.

What each Champion Stats Means ?

You can see Champion Statistics by selecting your Champion or a Renowned Champion.  Near the bottom of the screen you will see numbers and images like those at the top of this page (e.g. a tiny bag of gold, heart, sword, and shield, with numbers to their right), to the right of which is a small “i” Information bubble.  When you click on the “i” it will bring up a screen like the following:

Constitution – Shows how much damage your Champion can take before they’re defeated.

Strength – Reveals how much damage your Champion deals with regular attacks. Also, it’s the base number used for Skill Attack changes.

Fortitude – Determines how much damage your Champion can resist before their Constitution is affected. Usually, the damage you receive equals the opponent’s Strength minus your Fortitude. But, it’s not always exact due to possible changes in Strength, Fortitude, and Damage.

Attack Speed – Tells you how much time passes between each attack. Although it’s called “Speed,” it’s actually measured in seconds. Agile Trait doesn’t affect this value, even though it changes how your Champion fights.

Critical Rate – Shows the chance of landing a Critical Hit with each attack.

Critical Damage – Multiplies the damage when a Critical Hit occurs.

Hit / Dodge – Decides if your Champion hits the opponent or gets hit themselves. It’s not clear how the numbers translate into percentages, especially when Runes are used.

Leadership – Indicates how much Gold your Champion earns when assigned to a District.

Hope after this guide you will understand which stat you want to increase for your champion as per their skills.

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