Bloodline Heroes of Lithas : Banquet Hall Guide

Greetings, fellow players! Today we’re diving into a feature that often goes unnoticed in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas. It’s surprising how many players overlook this valuable resource, considering it offers essentially free rewards. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the benefits of Banquets and how to make the most of them.

When Banquet Hall Unlocks

To unlock banquet hall you need to clear campaign stage 3-10.

Once a banquet starts, it lasts for 24 hours.

Gathering Materials for Banquets

You might argue that you lack the necessary materials, but fear not – the solution is just a click away. Head to the store, where you can purchase common and rare foods from the Arena store, and purple ones from the Guild store (currently at a 20% discount).

How to Host & Join Banquet Hall

To host a banquet (tap on “My Banquet”) you need 10 of the same rarity banquet ingredients. The higher the rarity of the ingredients used the higher the guest limit is. When starting the banquet you can pick to make it a private banquet, and only allow people you invite to join, or a public banquet, which allows everyone in your server to join. You can only HOST one banquet at a time and get a larger reward than if you were to join a banquet.

There is a list of other peoples banquets at the bottom of the screen. You can JOIN up to TWO banquets at a time but once they end you CAN join another immediately. To join you must pay a price but you receive a joining gift box that you can collect from mail and the bigger the join price you pay the more points you add to the banquet. Banquets can give a lot of useful rewards (eg. skill books and heir raising potions) so we probably recommend you try to join as many as possible. The ones with the shortest time remaining are on the left side of the list.

As a free-to-play player, I typically opt for regular coins as rewards While Joining. Paid accounts might lean towards other choices.

What You Can Do in Banquet Hall

When in a banquet there are two things you can do the minigame and the lucky spin.

Minigame : Banquet memory (the minigame) increases the banquet score giving better rewards when the banquet ends. If you score one of the top 3 scores you will get an extra box at the end of the banquet.

Lucky Spin : Additionally, Banquets grant a free Lucky Spin, offering various rewards, with legendary books and bouquets being some of the most sought-after.

Note – EVERY banquet you participated in will give you at least one box when it ends (there is slight server delay) sent to your mail.

Why You Should Embrace Banquets

Banquets are an excellent source of free rewards. While there is a cost associated with buying extra items from the Arena and Guild stores, the rewards far outweigh the expenses.

Setting banquets as public or private is your choice. Public banquets may fill up naturally, but private ones offer control over invites, ensuring specific participants.

Remember to reciprocate banquet invitations and engage in the Lucky Spin to maximize rewards. Your bag will soon be filled with a variety of valuable items.

In conclusion, Banquets are a fantastic, often overlooked feature in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas. They provide a steady stream of resources and rewards without breaking the bank. So, gather your companions, start a banquet, and enjoy the bountiful rewards that await you!

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