Understanding Champion Skills

Skills are special moves that each Champion can use in combat, and they’re what make each Champion unique. Examples of these skills include healing, attacks that hit multiple enemies, controlling crowds (like putting them to sleep or stunning them), and boosting or weakening other Champions. Some skills greatly increase your champion stats. You can find these abilities of your champion in two places: (1) On the bottom right of your Champion’s screen under “Skill Level-Up”, and (2) On the bottom left of a Renowned Champion’s screen under “Info”. Each Champion has three types of skills:

  1. Active Skill (on the left)
  2. Ultimate Skill (in the middle)
  3. Passive Skill (on the right)

Each skill has a level from 1 to 15. You can only level up your skills to the number of stars your Champion has, and it requires three resources exclusively for this purpose:

  • Tome of Knowledge (Blue)
  • Tome of Heritage (Purple)
  • Tome of Enlightenment (Yellow)

You can get these resources from Expeditions, the Arena Store, Banquets, Event Rewards, and Guild Conquests.

During combat, your Champion attacks once every few seconds, which is known as Attack Speed. You can find this statistic on your Champion’s “Details” screen. The damage your attacks do depends on your Champion’s Strength and your opponent’s Fortitude, after considering modifiers for both. But most of the damage and effects come from your skills.

  • Active Skill (Left): This is triggered based on a timer, not directly influenced by Attack Speed. However, traits or buffs that increase Attack Speed will speed up the animations, indirectly shortening the time between activations. The timer for the first Active Skill is about 5 seconds, while subsequent ones happen at different intervals (usually every 8-12 seconds).
  • Ultimate Skill (Middle): Your Champion’s portrait has a green bar for Constitution and a yellow bar for Energy (also referred to as “Wrath” in Dungeon Descent Relics). When the Energy bar fills up to 1,000, your Champion will unleash their Ultimate Skill. Energy builds up when you take damage or attack. Traits that boost Attack Speed help you gather Energy faster and use your Ultimate Attack sooner.
  • Passive Skill (Right): These skills are always active during combat.

In summary, understanding your Champion’s skills is crucial for success in combat. These unique abilities, including Active, Ultimate, and Passive skills, provide various advantages such as healing, crowd control, and damage boosts. Managing skill levels and resources like Tomes is essential for maximising your Champion’s potential. Additionally, considering factors like Attack Speed and Energy accumulation for Ultimate Skills can greatly impact your strategy. By mastering these mechanics, you’ll be better equipped to lead your team to victory in the battles ahead.

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